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Sure, ur welcome Lauren. looks like I will be presenting on behalf of one or
two others, so it would be good if you or someone else could do the
Officetowers presentation.


2009/6/16 GLG <info at 3dnetproductions.com>

> Hello Chris,
> I would love to attend and make a live presentation of
> Office Towers/X3Daemon, but it looks like I could use a
> surrogate or perhaps some simple assistance for a virtual
> presentation instead if that is permitted.
> I believe the later would actually work well to demonstrate
> the theme "How do virtual worlds affect hearts and minds",
> and the platform is definitely robust to the point of being
> capable of successfully carry such a presentation and maybe
> even help make history.
> Cheers,
> Lauren
> PS. A copy of this was sent to the lists in case someone
> would like to volunteer for assistance with the above.
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> August
> Whether you are involved in the rebirth of VRML Phoenix
> worlds that won't take *die* for an answer or an X3D virtual
> environment, you are invited to present at the SIGGRAPH 09
> MultiUser Virtual Environments Meeting: MUVE MOOT
> (http://www.muvemoot.com)
> regards,
> Chris
> --
> Current confirmed speakers/panelists:
> Philip Rosedale, Founder and Chairman of Linden Lab
> Mick Brady, Professor Emeritus, Russell Sage College
> Doug Twilleager, Wonderland group, Sun Microsystems
> Peter Schickel, Founder of Bitmanagement Software GmbH
> Location: New Orleans, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
> Room: 271
> Date(s): Wednesday 5th August
> Reservation Time(s): setup time at 12noon, teardown until
> 2:45pm
> Meeting Time(s): 12:30-2:30pm
> Room Setup: classroom style with seating for up to 108.
> link:
> http://www.siggraph.org/s2009/community/birds/index.php
> The growth in virtual worlds, social networks and online
> games heralds a global change to a new experience in
> entertainment, education, commerce or social networking.
> Meet to explore how the virtual phenomenon is changing the
> way people interact, think and feel in their daily
> activities. The theme for this meeting is: How do Virtual
> worlds affect hearts and minds?
> Last year's meeting is documented at
> http://muvemoot.com/MUVEMOOT08/html/MUVEMoot08Report.html
> , more information at: http://muvemoot.com/
> Anyone who plans to attend please email me
> (dragonmagi at gmail.com) so I can get some idea of numbers.
> Please also say if you have something to present and what
> you would like to see on the
> agenda for discussion.
> Agenda:
> 1. Introductions: One paragraph summary provided by the
> speakers will be used to introduce each at the start of the
> meeting.
> 2. Demos/presentations: Each speaker presents and
> demonstrates (up to 20 minutes each).
> 3. Panel Discussion: Speakers form a panel for the audience
> to ask questions.
> 4. Wrap up.
> About the Organiser:
> Chris Thorne is Managing Director of VRShed Pty Ltd
> (http://www.vrshed.com), developers of visualisation /
> simulation content. Chris is interested in the confluence of
> simulation and social networking. He currently works with
> Second Life, Google Earth/Maps and Web 3D technologies.
> Chris has over 25 years experience in 3D graphics industry
> and academia. His research is about improving quality,
> fidelity, scalability, accuracy in simulation
> (http://www.floatingorigin.com).
> SIGGRAPH is the worlds largest yearly interactive computer
> graphics conference. For more information see:
> http://www.siggraph.org/about
> --
> http://www.vrshed.com
> There be greater truth at the centre.
> http://www.floatingorigin.com
> Association of Virtual Worlds,
> http://associationofvirtualworlds.ning.com/

There be greater truth at the centre.

Association of Virtual Worlds, http://associationofvirtualworlds.ning.com/
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