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Tue Jun 16 08:57:33 PDT 2009

Hi Lauren,
Thanks for looking at this.
In the later browsers the @type attribute, where you give the MIME, 
along with comparing the served content type, is important.
The classid attribute says use a specific registered player for that 
MIME rather than choose the last installed/registered.
I have only seen classid used in <object> and only IE actuallly honors 
it now, but I think most late W3C browsers have stopped crashing when 
they find classid.

Give some html code and I will test on this end.
Does the file extension .x3d or .x3dv matter?

Right now HTML 5 folks are thinking about how to spec classid 

Thank You and Best Regards,

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> Joe, you may find the feedback useful that Firefox 3.0.8
> will not load Contact or any plugin for us without <embed>
> if we want to specify a plugin with 'classid'.  Your code
> does work for generic plugins without <embed> as intended,
> but unless I am missing something, <embed> still seems to be
> required when a 'classid' is necessary.
> Cheers,
> Lauren
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>>> Sorry Joe but it doesn't work at all in Firefox or IE 8.
>>What is your default (last installed or registered) X3D
>>> To start with you need a Browser Sniffer, that then
>>inserts the
>>> Object/Embed tag
>>No current W3C browser needs that sniff and object/embed
>>anymore, esp not Firefox and IE8, or Chrome or Safari. all
>>do the
>><object> element without <embed> fallback just fine thatnk
>>you. I'm
>>missing Opera right now. The user must set some preferences
>>to get it
>>to play without comment but no default samdbox anymore in
>>the latest
>>> using Javascript, try the NIST site for this. Its the
>>only way
>>> around IE's ActiveX sandbox.
>>Changed a 'lot' in IE8 although some late 7's didn't need
>>it. A simple
>>object tag with no fallback to embed will work any latest.
>>All the main brwosers are starting to work like <object> is
>>in the HTML 5 spec.
>>The scripted object/embed rig may still work fine, but
>>check where the
>>url is being sent to the X3D browser.
>>And anyone stiill hanging on to IE6 or 7 instead of IE8 and
>>also uses
>>latest Ff or Whatever has got a bad problem.
>>I see now (again) the main issue here is the MIME.
>>If I change the mime to model/x3d+vrml which is what most
>>X3D browsers
>>register then all is OK for those X3D browsers.
>>Or maybe for this one I need to omit the MIME type
>>altogether and just
>>include the file url. All the browsers register .x3dv.
>>I am showing this in model/x3d-vrml when apparently only
>>I think It really needs to be converted ans sent in .x3d
>>model/x3d+xml, which all the X3D browsers claim.
>>Thanks for looking and Best Regards,
>>ps Instant said they fix that z depth:)
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