[X3D-Public] Importing H-Anim Avatars into Seamless3d 2.151

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Sat May 16 15:38:34 PDT 2009

Seamless3d could import H-Anim a good many months ago but for lack of time in testing, this is the first formal announcement. Also improvements have been made over time including this last week.

Seamless3d is the only modeller I am aware of that can use H-Anim as an interchange format for both exporting and importing avatars. Thanks to the way Seamless3d natively indexes vertices for part ownership, there is no need to re-rig the model for further modelling. With Seamless3d, animated H-Anim avatars can be imported and exported repeatedly without accumulating file bloat.

Single meshed H-Anim models that use either an IndexedFaceSet or an IndexedTriangleSet node can be imported. 

Nontiti has tested this feature on an avatar he made using Vivaty Studio and was able to use this avatar in Seamless chat and be able to export to use the setByVertexTransform so that it can play efficiently in Cortona. I have tested the import feature on Lucy exported a number of different ways and even got Seamless to import Joe D William's avatar he made using only a text editor. Being able to import this range of avatars without needing to hand edit the file suggests some robustness has been attained.

For 2.151 I have added a new export option outScriptAsRoutes. This feature causes simple lines of script that have a ROUTE equivalent to be exported as ROUTEs instead of script. ROUTEs allow for animations to be played by a greater range of VRML/X3D browsers, however this export setting will prevent more advanced scripting features such as "if statements" and math functions from being used for animation so don't use it for any scripts more complex than nodeB.field = nodeA.field

What can be done after importing?
Any of the  Immediate Commands can be used to change the shape, color, vertex ownership etc. 

View the pivot point locations graphically and/or modify their locations and/or add new animations. See the beeline to animation tutorial/demo and the nurbs lathe tutorial/demo for starters. Although these tutorials are aimed at using white parts they should be easy to follow and the animation is essentially the same for blue parts.

Import animations from smls and motion capture bvh files. See importing gestures and Importing BVH files.

Export to a wider range of browsers and possibly improve the quality of your model for the browser, see updated for 2.151 browser avatar compatibility test page.

Open Source Seamless3d 2.151 can be downloaded from:


Best wishes
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