[X3D-Public] Importing H-Anim Avatars into Seamless3d 2.151

thyme thyme at seamless3d.com
Mon May 18 03:01:19 PDT 2009

>> In Seamless, I was able to see some of your pivot points were not in 
>> the correct location, easy to spot in a graphical environment but 
>> easily hidden when using only a text editor.
> Those 'pivot points' are called 'joint centers' and if you moved any 
> of them automagically to match some exact model you have as your 
> character, then you are wrong. In the normative sense there is no 
> 'correct' location for a joint center and only a reasonable example is 
> given in the standard. Only the hierarchy (what is connected to where) 
> and the joint names are given as normative. I used reasonable 
> considerations for joint centers in my model so don'rt mess them them, 
> Please. .

Seamless3d displayed the exact positions of the pivot points you specified in your 'joint centers'.

To show one of your mistakes, I copied directly from your original code here:

        DEF Joe_vl1 HAnimJoint { name "vl1" center 0.0 1.1459 -0.0625 skinCoordIndex [  ] skinCoordWeight [  ]children [ 
         DEF Joe_vt12 HAnimJoint { name "vt12" center 0.0 1.179 -0.068 skinCoordIndex [  ] skinCoordWeight [  ] children [ 
          DEF Joe_vt11 HAnimJoint { name "vt11" center 0.0 1.2679 -0.0810 skinCoordIndex [  ] skinCoordWeight [  ] children [ 
           DEF Joe_vt10 HAnimJoint { name "vt10" center 0.0 1.242 -0.09 skinCoordIndex [ 15 ] skinCoordWeight [ 1 ] children [ 

and deleted all but the y components for the 'joint centers' and the names of the joints here:

vl1  1.1459  
vt12 1.179  greater than previous joint
vt11 1.2679 greater than previous joint
vt10 1.242  less than previous joint

This does not make sense for a human backbone.

You also have pivot points outside of the skin.
You also have a vertex in each hand that overlaps an adjacent triangle edge.

These are the sorts of mistakes humans easily make when using a text editor with limited graphical verification to show what they are doing.


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