[X3D-Public] X3D - HTML 5 minutes Sept. 01, 2009

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 1 09:57:05 PDT 2009

What: 		Web3D HTML5 meeting September 01, 2009
present:    Johannes Behr, Don Brutzman, Joe Williams.
absent:    John Stewart

Edited from previous minutes by Joe Williams

> Old action items:

> (Action) Don - requesting comment on is that top level division a 
> good way to achieve sep of issues to achieve some form of clarity?


This discussion resulted in clarification of the three main issues as 
further desceribed below.

> (Action) Don - look at Canvas links on wiki page and comment/improve 
> the "Canvas for 2D and 3D" section. (from above)

Continuing review in progress. Plus, Johannes is now able to study 
this in more detail.

> Don - agenda item for next week - we need to raise an issue with the 
> HTML5 group - what is the issue or issues that we are going to 
> raise. They are up to issue 77 right now. So for example, if we 
> agree that our top 3 issues are what we are laid out today, then we 
> should ask as to whether we should raise this as an issue on HTML5.

We will create wiki pages as follows:
1. Integrate X3D namespace with HTML 5
2. HTML 5 <object> element

Cmments to the group from last week:

> Joe - please read spec;

a good link to start is:

Joe - we must somehow depreciate <embed> tag.

The issue is just that this is a good time to completely obsolete 
<embed> because <video>, <audio>, and <object> replace all 
applications of <embed>. Next, <embed> has no fallback mechanism and 
thus no longer belongs in HTML 5 where every other embedded content 
element provides hooks for predictable fallback and assistive 
technolgy See:


> Joe - look through spec for SVG, Ruby and MathML; we will have to 
> blend in with the way SVG melded into the HTML5 spec.

The idea is to integrate X3D namespace with HTML 5. Johannes and I 
will scan current HTML 5 for locations where added text is required 
then create an X3D - HTML 5 wiki page as preparation for submitting an 
issue to html 5 working group

> Joe - SVG - incorporating namespace, same thing we need to do as 
> Johannes has specified in his documents.

The purpose is to prove examples for HTML 5 documentation. The current 
proposal needs additional testing. Johannes is working on this and Joe 
and John will assist in any possible way.

> Joe - there is also a separate graphics working group that is 
> working with SVG that we may need to get involved in.

So far we have seen HTML 5 inputs from a W3C graphics group concerning 
Canvas and SVG.

> W3C tpac, Santa Clara in November:  http://www.w3.org/2009/11/TPAC/

X3D should have a presence at this conference to show X3D working 
along with SVG and MATHML.

> JohnS - will request from CRC permission/funding to attend TPAC.

Great, John.

> Joe will ask Google for funding, so he might attend.

Google has offered to pay conference fees for some number of people 
that otherwise would not be able to attend. I don't know whether it is 
too late to request this, and I am still considering looking into this 
support as I am in that category but probably won't go without added 
encouragment from this group.

To do:

1. X3D - HTML 5 wiki for namespace integration.

2. Examine spec for other instances of HTML 5 interaction with X3D.
 a. Examine.the more dtailed steps for how the <object> and <param> 
elements are processed.
 b. learn more about the <object> element @sandbox attribute.

3. John, please post these minurtes as usual.

Meet next Tuesday same time.

Thanks and Best Regards,


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