[X3D-Public] For mutiple ROUTE fan-ins, how can we identify the sending node?

Silvia Maria Batraneanu silviabatraneanu at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 21 05:54:10 PDT 2010

Hello everybody,

     I built a pretty complex scene which is used to monitor in real-time the status of a big network.  The majority of the nodes are prototypes and are generated dynamically using the Java SAI. All of them are named and have their attributes changed at a certain moment in time.  I need to perform identical actions such as current trafic information and plot retrieval and often the most important information I need to pass via ROUTEs is the name of the sending node itself.
   The only way I could do this is to use inside my prototypes an additional MFString parameter in which I store the node name and a very simple script that refreshes the value of this string and hence creates an event which allows me to route this value to the target node.
   I find my way of doing it cumbersome but I have no other idea. Am I missing something , is there a simple way of doing this? Did anybody else bump into this?

Any help is greatly appreciated:)



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