[X3D-Public] For mutiple ROUTE fan-ins, how can we identify the sending node?

Dave dave at realmofconcepts.com
Sat Aug 21 12:29:50 PDT 2010

I've done several systems like this, using different browsers. I've 
found Contact the 'friendliest' so far, but I've had to do the same as you.
It's frustrating. Apparently, adding a node to a scene does not add its 
DEF name to the namespace by design (the Spec). I can't imagine
why. If name collision were to occur, an error would be returned, you'd 
think. Anyway Contact will at least bend if you addNode (top-level),
but not if you add as a child (which I'm sure you're doing).

I hope x3dom does not have this restriction, and I'd like to see all 
actively-developed browsers adopt a more liberal policy.

I too hope someone can offer a better solution, even if it means using a 
different player.

Dave A.

On 8/21/2010 5:54 AM, Silvia Maria Batraneanu wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>      I built a pretty complex scene which is used to monitor in 
> real-time the status of a big network.  The majority of the nodes are 
> prototypes and are generated dynamically using the Java SAI. All of 
> them are named and have their attributes changed at a certain moment 
> in time.  I need to perform identical actions such as current trafic 
> information and plot retrieval and often the most important 
> information I need to pass via ROUTEs is the name of the sending node 
> itself.
>    The only way I could do this is to use inside my prototypes an 
> additional MFString parameter in which I store the node name and a 
> very simple script that refreshes the value of this string and hence 
> creates an event which allows me to route this value to the target node.
>    I find my way of doing it cumbersome but I have no other idea. Am I 
> missing something , is there a simple way of doing this? Did anybody 
> else bump into this?
> Any help is greatly appreciated:)
> Cheers,
> Silvia
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