[X3D-Public] multiuser mode (newbie question)

Dave A dave at realmofconcepts.com
Wed May 5 00:37:33 PDT 2010

While considering all that, I'll toss in the 'Verse' or 'Universe' 
protocol from

The cool thing there is, anything that implements it automatically works 
with anything else
that implements it. I saw a demo of using Max on a PC and Gimp on a Mac 
and something else,
all collaborating at the same time on the same scene. Open collaboration 
rocks. IMHO.

Dave A

John Carlson wrote:
> I am thinking that people who are interested in graphics and those that are interested in MU networking are different folks.  Here we have a bunch of graphics weenies who have essentially bought into the DOM, and forgot about GLX/XGL or whatever the networked OpenGL was (perhaps it was too slow or not scalable?).  Now WebGL is taking over the role of GLX/XGL, and the DOM folks are trying desperately to layer on top of it. Hence X3DOM.  Perhaps when people think about browsers, they think in terms of a person accessing a server, and they don't see peer to peer interaction.  They also think about how slow it is to go through a server.  Guess what?  Google is already doing multiuser stuff from the web with XMPP (google wave).  And guess what else?  NetBeans can provide for simultaneous editing of X3D with XMPP (X3D Edit).  If you want a MU protocol, why not or why not choose DIS, Open-DIS or DIS-XML (encoded with EXI)?  Note that I have not programmed to XMPP or DIS.  I have tried to create unsuccessfully, an X3D scene to add arcs and nodes to an X3D scene (yes, I've done it with JOGL).  Perhaps more effort needs to be put into an easy to use, standard dynamic scenegraph that is implemented across all browsers, and the question about MU protocols will go away. Yes, I realize this dynamism is  verboten, but it's why people program in WebGL, JOGL, OpenGL instead of X3D or VRML--It looks like X3DOM will provide a way to add and delete nodes in HTML5. Is there appreciable impact on performance by making a dynamic scene?  What about IE?  
> In summary, get a standard dynamic scenegraph working the same in all browsers, and your MU problems will go away.
> Use the GPU Luke.
> For beginners DOM = retained/structured mode
> 			WebGL = immediate mode
> Two styles of programming graphics.
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