[X3D-Public] multiuser mode (newbie question)

Chris Thorne dragonmagi at gmail.com
Wed May 5 00:44:26 PDT 2010

On 5 May 2010 15:37, Dave A <dave at realmofconcepts.com> wrote:

> While considering all that, I'll toss in the 'Verse' or 'Universe' protocol
> from
> http://www.uni-verse.org
> yes good stuff, I saw the same demos a couple of years back. Impressive.


> The cool thing there is, anything that implements it automatically works
> with anything else
> that implements it. I saw a demo of using Max on a PC and Gimp on a Mac and
> something else,
> all collaborating at the same time on the same scene. Open collaboration
> rocks. IMHO.
> Dave A
> John Carlson wrote:
>> I am thinking that people who are interested in graphics and those that
>> are interested in MU networking are different folks.  Here we have a bunch
>> of graphics weenies who have essentially bought into the DOM, and forgot
>> about GLX/XGL or whatever the networked OpenGL was (perhaps it was too slow
>> or not scalable?).  Now WebGL is taking over the role of GLX/XGL, and the
>> DOM folks are trying desperately to layer on top of it. Hence X3DOM.
>>  Perhaps when people think about browsers, they think in terms of a person
>> accessing a server, and they don't see peer to peer interaction.  They also
>> think about how slow it is to go through a server.  Guess what?  Google is
>> already doing multiuser stuff from the web with XMPP (google wave).  And
>> guess what else?  NetBeans can provide for simultaneous editing of X3D with
>> XMPP (X3D Edit).  If you want a MU protocol, why not or why not choose DIS,
>> Open-DIS or DIS-XML (encoded with EXI)?  Note that I have not programmed to
>> XMPP or DIS.  I have tried to create unsuccessfully, an X3D scene to add
>> arcs and nodes to an X3D scene (yes, I've done it with JOGL).  Perhaps more
>> effort needs to be put into an easy to use, standard dynamic scenegraph that
>> is implemented across all browsers, and the question about MU protocols will
>> go away. Yes, I realize this dynamism is  verboten, but it's why people
>> program in WebGL, JOGL, OpenGL instead of X3D or VRML--It looks like X3DOM
>> will provide a way to add and delete nodes in HTML5. Is there appreciable
>> impact on performance by making a dynamic scene?  What about IE?
>> In summary, get a standard dynamic scenegraph working the same in all
>> browsers, and your MU problems will go away.
>> Use the GPU Luke.
>> For beginners DOM = retained/structured mode
>>                        WebGL = immediate mode
>> Two styles of programming graphics.
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