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Hi Christioph
The intention are to use the same script for 
all transfere of states over the network or only local in the 
If local the script would transfere states between a 
X3Dbrowser and a simulation/animation engine on the same 
If MU the script will transfer states over the 
network to either another or many X3Dbrowser or / and one or more 
simulation/animation engine on one or many servers.
Primarily I'v taken the example to have a MU 3D space with many 3D 
clients and one or more servers. 
Secondly one computer hosting both a 3D Browser and a 
simulation/animation engine.
it's possible to use js or ajax as a network extension to any 3D Browser I will 
get a cace and celibrate with my collegues.
A dinner when we got the MU running and guess what 
when we got a MU with simulation engines runing. :)
 there is a catch in simulation/animation engine that are server side
you'll need to use something like Discrete Event Simulation (http://www.cs.brown.edu/~scd/world/sim.html)


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