[X3D-Public] XMPP or not XMPP

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
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Will have a closer look at Discrete Event Simulation.
 At the moment I'm evaluating
- Simulink http://www.mathworks.com/products/simulink/ with psudo real time modules ( custom made ).
      Can be used as a RT and HID ( Human/Hardware In the loop Device ) extension in in CarSim http://www.carsim.com/ and AspenPlus http://www.aspentech.com .
- Alogoryx AgX http://www.algoryx.se/products.html with a demo at
- OpenModelica http://www.openmodelica.org/   / Dymola http://www.3ds.com/products/catia/portfolio/dymola
- or a combination of Python toolboxes like XMPP for Python http://xmpppy.sourceforge.net/ , PyGame http://www.pygame.org/news.html  TwistedPython http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ ( for RT and event handling ), and so on.

All of these programs / tollboxes can be build with interface to XMPP/ Jabber protocol.

Just have to keep in mind that there are probably different looptime in X3D-browser depending on CPU performance and simulation engines so the transfere of states has do be done in asyncron mode. Secondy specially Simulink are not made to run in RT mode but can be forced to run in PseudoRT mode, same for OpenModelica.

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Hi Christioph

The intention are to use the same script for all transfere of states over the network or only local in the mashine.
If local the script would transfere states between a X3Dbrowser and a simulation/animation engine on the same computer.
If MU the script will transfer states over the network to either another or many X3Dbrowser or / and one or more simulation/animation engine on one or many servers.

Primarily I'v taken the example to have a MU 3D space with many 3D clients and one or more servers.
Secondly one computer hosting both a 3D Browser and a simulation/animation engine.

If it's possible to use js or ajax as a network extension to any 3D Browser I will get a cace and celibrate with my collegues.
A dinner when we got the MU running and guess what when we got a MU with simulation engines runing. :)

 there is a catch in simulation/animation engine that are server side
you'll need to use something like Discrete Event Simulation (http://www.cs.brown.edu/~scd/world/sim.html)


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