[X3D-Public] remote animation invocation (RAI)

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Sat Feb 26 12:38:15 PST 2011

Thanks for clarification - so you mean "upload" quasi as part of avatar 
authoring, but not as part of avatar operation, true?

Additionally, when you write
>>>> I might be wrong that video download is the way to go.  It just seems 
very natural.

What do you mean:
(a) Rendering in the network as opposed to (b) rendering in the user 

(a) downloading (stereo) video from network, uploading raw user input, 
rendering in the network?

(b) downloading scene (updates) from network, exchanging state updates 
between user equipment and network, rendering in user equipment?

If you mean this, and if you assume bandwidth between user equipment and 
network being a scarce resource, then in my humble opinion the conclusion 

Both (a) and (b) is necessary, (a) for complex scenery and high speed 
movement, (b) for simple scenery and low speed movement.

Did not consider robots, only avatars and virtual reality.

Kind regards
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