[X3D-Public] Announcement: Simulated Railroad Framework (network sensor based)

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Thu Jul 28 11:17:03 PDT 2011

Dear Members of X3D-public

Proudly presenting the "official pre-alpha" release of some X3D prototypes 
that could help in implementing network sensor based multiuser scenes.

OK, it's experimental and it's pre-alpha, but it is open source (LGPL) and 
if you are interested in the network sensor, then it could be interesting 
to read the following few lines and follow the links.

OK, what will it be:
I tried hard to compile some useful and concise information in following 
release paper (can also be found in attachment):

Alternatively, you could go to youtube and have a look to the demo video

Basically, it will be a set of X3D prototypes that have been tested with BS 
Contact/BS Collaborate (in single-player-mode and in multi-player-mode) and 
with Instant Player (in single-player-mode) and that should help the 
modeller to use the network sensor easily.

Additionally, an "MMF-Architecture" (model/module/frame) has been defined, 
to state clearly: "Models and Modules that are used in the layouts (i.e. 
scenes) may come from different authors, but using the SRR Framework (and 
VRML/X3D, of course) guarantees interoperability".

Last but not least, a big "thank you" to all the peoples in 'cc', who 
helped at several test sessions.

Have fun

P.S.: this project is a hobby project and we are not backed by a company 
P.P.S.: Comments welcome, however, I will not be available the next days, 
so it
            may happen I will answer later
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