[X3D-Public] pseudo-related - was Re: Historical question

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Mon Jun 6 11:10:28 PDT 2011


reading between the lines; some background:

1) FreeWRL used to be very "accepting" of syntax. 

2) Some people complained that "invalid syntax" ran in FreeWRL; (see note below)

3) some tightening up of spec compliance has occurred. In particular, if you invoke "strict" parsing, (eg, command line "freex3d", if it is built for your platform) will check each node and each field against specified profiles.

The note above; I can really understand people wanting the browsers to correctly implement the spec, and only the spec. On the other hand, the generators should respect the spec, the viewers should render what it can, even if it is not totally 100% correct.

(it has been a few years since I wrote the tightening via the "freex3d" invocation method;  have not looked at this part of the code in a long time; I assume it still works)

Thanks for the interesting discussion.


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