[X3D-Public] Dragging things in screen-space

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Mon Oct 24 13:25:46 PDT 2011


Do not know: do you mean dragging *in* the plane of the screen (like a 
HUD), or do you mean *parallel to* the plane of the screen, but at a fixed 
coordinate within the scenery?

For first case here a little example of a rotary knob within a HUD, which 
was used to control some parameter of the scene (not shown here).

<Transform DEF='HudTransform'>
    <Switch DEF='KnobSwitch'>
        <Transform DEF='KnobTransform'
                   rotation='1 0 0 1.570796'
                   translation='0.2 0.25 -1'>
            <Transform DEF='KnobRotation'>
                <Shape DEF='Knob'>
                    <Cylinder height='0.01' 
                        <Material />
url='"knob.jpg"' />
            <CylinderSensor DEF='KnobCS' 
and drag to rotate knob' 
            <ROUTE fromField='rotation_changed' 
<ProximitySensor DEF='HudProximity' size='1000000 1000000 1000000' />
<ROUTE fromField='position_changed' fromNode='HudProximity' 
       toField='translation' toNode='HudTransform' />
<ROUTE fromField='orientation_changed' fromNode='HudProximity' 
       toField='rotation' toNode='HudTransform' />

Should be easy to change from cylinder sensor to plane sensor

Hope it helps :)

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> Betreff: [X3D-Public] Dragging things in screen-space
>             Does anyone know of a way to drag something (like using a 
> PlaneSensor) 
> such that the result is being able to drag an object in the plane of the 
> screen, no matter the orientation?
> I would have thought putting a drag sensor into a billboard 
> (camera-facing) would get me close, but it's got problems. So I'm 
> looking for a script or proto that can accomplish this. Or any tips on 
> extensions like Device or Mouse sensor. Any platform, any player. Thanks
> Dave A.
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