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A very exciting contest!:->

The last two years, the contest content was provided as VRML.



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*Call for Participation: 3DUI Contest*



This year, IEEE 3DUI will hold the 3rd annual 3DUI Contest. It is open 
to anyone interested in 3D user interfaces, from researchers to 
students, enthusiasts, and professionals. The goal is to find innovative 
solutions to classic 3DUI problems (navigation, selection, 
manipulation). Think outside the box, unleash your creativity, and show 
your ideas to the 3DUI community! You may use whatever software and 
hardware you want to achieve the task, including, but not limited to: 
simple mouse/keyboard, specialized controllers, haptic devices, 
multi-touch tables, 3D trackers, head-mounted displays, projection 
systems, etc.

*Problem Description*

Build an application to enable collaborative navigation through a 
complicated 3D environment.The system should be designed for two 
simultaneous users, each of which will have their own separate interface 
and completely different physical locations such that verbal or 
nonverbal communication is not possible (e.g. in two separate rooms). 
The first user should be only presented with a first-person view of the 
environment, with the goal of completing a scavenger hunt for items 
placed throughout the environment in the most efficient way possible 
(traveling the shortest distance in the quickest amount of time). The 
second user can be presented with more complete information about the 
world, including a global view of the scene and other user.The second 
user’s goal is to assist the first user in navigating through the 
environment by creating, placing, and manipulating content such as 
wayfinding aids.However, direct verbal or text communication between the 
two users is not allowed.You may choose to use similar equipment for 
both users, or alternatively may choose to use drastically different 
interfaces and interaction techniques for each role.The effectiveness 
and originality of the interfaces will be one of the criteria used to 
judge the winners of the contest.

The environment designed to test the interface is up to the individual 
teams to design.However, it should be difficult and complicated to 
navigate.As sparse, open environments would be trivially easy, we expect 
that an appropriate environment would contain complex architecture, 
multiple branching pathways, and obstacles/clutter to move around.It 
should also require navigating in all three dimensions, including height 
– for example, by flying up and down or by moving between multiple 
levels (e.g. floors in a building).The appropriateness of the 
environment designed to test the interface will be one of the criteria 
used to judge the winners of the contest.

All teams should perform a pilot study with several pairs of users (at 
least two pairs).Minimally, the study should record the time to complete 
the task, as well as user ratings for ease of use, intuitiveness, 
etc.Other measures can, and should, be included in the evaluation.The 
quality and rigor of the study design will be one of the criteria used 
to judge the winners of the contest, but a large number of participants 
is not required.


Teams of up to five people can submit solutions.We expect the following 
material to be submitted:

·A video that presents the solution to the public, including an 
explanation of the equipment, software, and interaction techniques used 
to solve the problem.Additionally, the video should include 
representative footage of example users as they perform the task.If your 
group is selected, the video will be included in the electronic proceedings.

·A short paper of two pages, with a description of the solution, details 
about the hardware and software used, and results from the basic user 
study.If your group is selected, this paper will be included in the 3DUI 
proceedings, and therefore must be formatted using the IEEE Computer 
Society format.

The winner be determined by a panel of expert judges, based on the video 
and paper submissions.The judging will be based upon a variety of 
criteria, including: the effectiveness of the solution at accomplishing 
the task; how innovative the solution was; the rigor of the evaluation; 
and the professional quality of the video and paper.

If your group is selected, you will be also invited to participate in a 
live demo session at the conference, where you will be given the 
opportunity to directly showcase your work to the 3DUI community.If a 
live demo is not feasible, then we will publicly display your video 
during the conference session.

Videos should have a length of approximately 4-6 minutes, and should 
include the title along with the names/affiliations of the 
contestants.The submitted file should be a high quality compressed video 
with a size of no more than 50MB.We will accept videos in MPEG (.mpg), 
Quicktime (.mov), AVI (.avi), MP4 (.mp4), Matroska (.mkv), or Flash 
Video (.flv) formats.

The submission deadline is *January 3, 2012*.The paper and videos must 
be submitted directly to the chairs on that date in camera-ready 
format.There will not be time to submit another version for the 
proceedings, so care must be taken to ensure all materials are of high 


To be determined.

*Contact Information*

The contest chairs are:

Evan Suma, Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern 

Amy Ulinski, University of Wyoming

Robert Teather, York University

You may contact us at:3duicontest at gmail.com <mailto:3duicontest at gmail.com>

*Organization and Important Dates*

October 12: The contest is opened.

January 3:Submission date for the papers and videos.

January 10: Notification of acceptance to the contest.

March 4-5: Live demo session and announcement of winners at the conference.

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