[X3D-Public] [h-anim] NP documents for H-Anim revision

Richard Puk puk at igraphics.com
Fri Aug 31 09:01:10 PDT 2012

Hi, Myeong Won -


I have the following comments on the attached documents:




In the list of items in the Scope add:  "10) Provision for easier exchange
of characters from design systems to H-Anim systems." (This was one of the
key requirements being worked on in Amendment 1.


In the last sentence of section 2: For clarity, replace "WAM21" with
"Working Draft Amendment 1". Note that this is a Web3D document not yet
submitted to SC24.


In the last paragraph of 3.1:  X3D should not be mentioned since the H-Anim
specification is intended to be generally useful for systems other than 3D.
I suggest replacing "an X3D interpolation component" with simply


In the first sentence of 3.3:  Replace "are as follows" with "may include".
In this type of document, it is better to leave room for unanticipated new


Replace the para following the list of 3.3 with:  "In this draft, various
methods of using motion captured data and keyframe animation are considered.
In addition to the methods above, H-Anim motion data is also generated by
converting the last geometric data obtained after applying the specified
animation algorithms into the motion data format."


Throughout:  In this type of document, one must avoid using 1st person
pronouns such as "we" and "I". This is especially necessary in the 2nd para
following the list of 3.3 but also is prevalent in many of the subsequent


Section 4. While this schema expansion is important for the X3D XML encoding
of the proposed functionality, it should probably not be mentioned in an NP
for an abstract specification that is independent of X3D. I would suggest
instead reworking this section to describe a test environment using X3D to
validate the design of the extensions being proposed for ISO/IEC 19774.
Then, use of the XML encoding is appropriate and some detail of the schema
extensions can be described. You should also describe the mapping of the new
and modified H-Anim nodes to their counterparts in X3D and VRML.


In item 7 of the Annex, there appears to be a spurious "s" in the first


In the portion describing the H-Anim motion viewer, either use .wrl and VRML
or .x3d and X3D. It is not good to mix them. I suggest using X3D throughout.
In addition, I would reword this text so that there is no implication that a
separate motion capture file is necessary since such data could be included
as motion capture data nodes instead which may or may not be in a separate
file. In 19774, the motion data content should be described in the form of
additional H-Anim nodes. If some product using the H-Anim standard wants to
put these nodes in a separate file, all well and good but it is not a
necessary requirement and therefore is not part of the H-Anim specification.




The title should be "ISO/IEC 19774 Humanoid Animation)". The expression
"(revision)" could added after the title. Note the absence of the date from
the title.


Please apply the comments above to the NWIP form. 


In the section "Supplementary information relating to the proposal", the
wrong box is checked. The box that should be checked is that of a revision
of an existing ISO standard (ISO/IEC 19774).


Otherwise, this document is well done :^)


I apologize for not getting to this sooner. I was ill returning from
Brussels and am just now recovering. I look forward to seeing you in Seoul
in January.


n  Sincerely,




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Dear William,


I have attaced the files again.

In my computer, the files open without problem.

It may have another problem that I don't know.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please let me know if you cannot open the attached PDF files again.





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My Adobe Reader X raise an error telling me the files are damaged so it
could not open them. Please double check the way you are saving them to
ensure file integrity before resending the two files. 


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