[X3D-Public] X3D challenge to show labels at vertex points

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 17:52:16 PST 2012

Don Brutzman wrote:
> I do not know of an X3D tool that can display coordinate indices
> "on location" at each vertex, but someone else on the mailing lists might.

In view3dscene you can select a point and triangle on a mesh with right 
mouse button inside Walk/Fly mode. This calculates the precise 
intersection with geometry. You can then use "Help -> Selected Object 
Information" to read some interesting info about it, in particular 
there's text like "Face containing the selected triangle spans from 73 
to 77 coordIndex entries.". This is helpful to identify where exactly 
this triangle is inside VRML/X3D content. Screenshot on 

Of course, this is just some view3dscene-specific feature, it's not part 
of the VRML/X3D model in any way. And it's not exactly what you want 
anyway, as you have to click and select the triangle before you see the 

If you want labels to be displayed in any browser, then indeed the 
outlined method is good. Text inside Billboard will do the trick and 
look nice. If you want to create them automatically, then you'll either 
need to create a script in VRML/X3D to set them up, or maybe you can 
extend exporter from your 3D modeler to add such optional information.


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