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Mon Feb 13 06:21:21 PST 2012

[forwarded with permission, more to follow]

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Subject: Re: Examples for X3D Nurbs Component
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 09:38:16 -0800
From: Don Brutzman <brutzman at nps.edu>
Organization: Naval Postgraduate School
To: Vincent Marchetti <vmarchetti at ameritech.net>

Vince this is excellent - thanks for the contributions!

Can we copy CAD and X3D public mailing lists on this?

I took the liberty of renaming files using CamelCaseFileNaming to match the
other examples in the archive.  This convention is used by the catalog-building
software to help make the HTML headers more readable.  Results:

Available at

After checking in your original versions, I made the following changes.
Please review and confirm they are OK.

- added meta tags for 'title' (name), 'identifier' (url), 'modified' (date), etc.
- added meta tags to note supporting images
- cleaned up .000000, .0000e+00, .0,  etc.
- added descriptions as you indicated
- applied X3D Canonicalization (C14N) for consistent formatting, which helps a lot
	with version control diffs
- added DOCTYPE, made X3D version consistent as 3.2 for these examples
- removed default/unnecessary containerField values for geometry, appearance, children
	etc. since containerField is only rarely needed
- provided initial viewpoint for MobiusNurbs.x3d NurbsPatchSolid.x3d

Please advise what tool(s) you used to create these examples so that we can update
the meta-tag references
    <meta content='TODO' name='generator'/>

The third scene appears to have problems:  TrimmedNurbsWithHole.x3d

- BS Contact reports:

X3D syntax error:  in C:\www.web3d.org\x3d\content\examples\Basic\NURBS\TrimmedNurbsWithHole.x3d:
Unknown node class 'NurbsTrimmedSurface'
X3D syntax error:  in C:\www.web3d.org\x3d\content\examples\Basic\NURBS\TrimmedNurbsWithHole.x3d:
Could not understand child element 'NurbsTrimmedSurface' of 'Shape'

- InstantReality reports:

WARNING	Avalon	 NurbsTrimmedSurface/104173728 has ambiguous fields (2) adding Contour2D/528465216
WARNING	Avalon	 Remap bestMatch Field in addChild(): 2/0
WARNING	Avalon	 NurbsTrimmedSurface/104173728 has ambiguous fields (2) adding Contour2D/528468768
WARNING	Avalon	 Remap bestMatch Field in addChild(): 2/0
WARNING	OpenSG	 Can't create geometry with glu version Microsoft Corporation. Version 1.3 and above is needed!

I wasn't able to figure out what was wrong.  The originals are getting
rendered similarly.  Hopefully you can figure out what happened...

On 2/10/2012 5:04 AM, Vincent Marchetti wrote:
> Don,
> The attached zip archive has three .x3d files for the NURBS Examples page at http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/Basic/NURBS/index.html
> The descriptions.txt file has suggested content for the "Descriptions" column on that page.
> I was able to use X3D-Edit running in Netbeans 7.0.1 to add meta tags for creator, license, and created date information on each of these .x3d files.
> The "browser_palooza.jpg" is just a fun screenshot showing the mobius.x3d NURBS examples running on 5 browsers . The Xj3D window is from the the branch off of NPS branch of Xj3D I've been working on; it's got some modifications to the OGL rendering version of the NurbsPatchSurface java class.
> Vincent Marchetti
> vmarchetti at ameritech.net

all the best, Don
Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br       brutzman at nps.edu
Watkins 270,  MOVES Institute, Monterey CA 93943-5000 USA   +1.831.656.2149
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