[X3D-Public] Android version of FreeWRL - development snapshot.

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Wed May 16 07:09:14 PDT 2012

Hi all;

The FreeWRL team is silently working away on the code base for various devices.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to try a snapshot of the Android build;

1) get http://freewrl.sourceforge.net/FreeWRL-debug-unaligned.apk

2) in the Downloads app, install it.  

It requests permissions to read/write to the SDCard, as that's where it will get 
user-supplied x3d assets from in the next release. 

Right now, the input file is not selectable (next release we expect) but if you are inquisitive, the 
app file can be modified and your own input placed in the "assets/blankScreen.wrl.mp3" 
file. ;-)

The rendering engine is coming along quite well; work will focus on allowing the user to 
select which file to display.

This release is possible thanks to the volunteers @ the FreeWRL project; please feel
free to come along and join in.

John A. Stewart.

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