[X3D-Public] MIDI node was X3D for Web Authors Examples Archive, plus audio test scene of different sound formats

doug sanden highaspirations at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 09:23:24 PST 2013

>> Someone built one of those in the VRML days.
>> len
> The one on this page?
> http://www.3dversion.com/vrmlWorlds.html.0.html
> it seems to use .wav for sound, one .wav file per tone.
>>>>> We still largely think of MIDI as something related to music because it
>>>>> proved so useful. But MIDI is so good at synchronizing events
>>>>> across complex
>>>>> software applications and hardware devices, that I believe we have
>>>>> only seen
>>>>> the beginning. When it comes to true 3D virtual life and augmented reality,
>>>>> I simply cannot imagine these things very far into the future
>>>>> without proper
>>>>> synchronization standards.
>>>>> I recommend "MIDI Power!" second edition (Thomson 2006) by Robert Guerin
>>>>> which include the MIDI 1.0 specification and much details. There
>>>>> is possibly
>>>>> more recent work (re. HD-MIDI) but the above is an excellent primer.
>>>>> Lauren
>>>>> 3DNetProductions.com
>>>> Q. could/should there be a special MIDI node? If so what would it
>>>> look like / what kind of events would it produce / how would we use
>>>> it?
>>>> Hypotheses
>>>> H0: there would be 52 boolean eventOuts representing different
>>>> piano keys, and a url for the MIDI file.
>>>> H1: 104 time eventOuts, 2 for each key representing pressed/released time
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIDI
>>> H2: just url, play and a new fieldtype MIDI for routing MIDI
>>> commands (10bits or use Int32). Then an abstract X3DInstrument node
>>> type, with a MIDI input field.
> H3: MIDI could be a separate browser, play sounds, and communicate through SAI to an X3D browser using conventional events for animation.

H4: a hyper-browser that owns the main loop, time, rendering buffer, and viewpoint/camera and works as a plugin platform for other browsers -x3d,kml/collada/...- would also support a MIDI browser plugin, so when rendering all technology layers are rendered. 		 	   		  

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