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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Dec 11 18:31:42 PST 2013

On 12/11/2013 8:16 AM, doug sanden wrote:
> The one on this page? 
> http://www.3dversion.com/vrmlWorlds.html.0.html 
> it seems to use .wav for sound, one .wav file per tone.

hint: click on keyboard cover to open, then a single-octave keyboard appears.

This looks like a variation on a 4-key keyboard from the VRML Sourcebook

	Figure 24.4 Four Key Keyboard
	Four keys in a keyboard, showing how pitch can vary a single sound source.

This scene is interesting because
- it uses a single tone .wav
- it uses the pitch field to change frequency
- it requires multiple retrievals of the souncd file since both url and pitch are controlled by AudioClip

Some years ago an NPS student extended this approach to (most of) 88 keys at

p.s. recommended listening, Rocket 88

>>>> Q. could/should there be a special MIDI node? If so what would it
>>>> look like / what kind of events would it produce / how would we use
>>>> it?

hmm, was there ever a paper about this?  certainly John Stewart has done a lot with midi and freewrl...

it would be interesting to prototype a MIDI node and get it working.

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