[X3D-Public] Fwd: New version of FreeX3D (and updated FreeWRL) available.

John Alexander Stewart ivatt260 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 08:46:44 PDT 2013

(apologies if this is duplicate)

Hi all;

I've released another version of FreeX3D for Android to the Google Play
store, and have updated the FreeWRL library as outlined below:

    - Working more on the interaction with Android; "persistence but
conservative" is the current philosophy; we will work on the "conservative"
part as time goes on.

    - X3D CAD nodes (QuadSet, IndexedQuadSet CADAssembly CADFace CADLayer
CADPart) now supported in the FreeWRL library;

    - random bugs/issues fixed;

    - Android "help" button brings up browser with FreeX3D.org web pages;

    - Android button to invoke gmail to make communication with
Android-specific developer (me) easier;

    - Android Internal work to report loading status is ongoing.

The CAD nodes are part of the FreeWRL base library, so FreeWRL compiled on
any platform will have these new nodes. (http://freewrl.org)

FreeX3D "expands" FreeWRL by doing non-X3D things, like supporting STL. (

FreeWRL is totally shader-based OpenGL (and GLES-2.0) rendering. The old
"fixed function" OpenGL calls are long gone. There are a handful of
developers working on the FreeWRL library in a part-time basis.

Comments more than welcome;

John Alexander Stewart
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