[X3D-Public] Need a multitexture example (that works)

Dave A dave at realmofconcepts.com
Sat Mar 16 10:14:48 PDT 2013

This is about what I gathered too. Flux Studio managed to output (and 
Flux worked with) a decent dot3 stack, but clearly not standard either.
And X3DOM has gone a different direction.

This is why X3D is broken. I applaud the *effort* to modernize VRML. In 
such cases it has failed. Even for INTERCHANGE let alone any runtime 

Time to get in, or get out guys.

Dave A

On 3/16/2013 9:45 AM, Michalis Kamburelis wrote:
> Dave A wrote:
>> Does anyone have an X3D (xml) example that works? That is, works in any
>> browser, preferably every browser?
>> Looking for just a bump map. Doesn't have to have a shader. Something
>> simple.
>> Thanks
> Since nobody else answered, I think that my answer from the older 
> thread "Need good multitexture example" still holds:
> You cannot really make a simple bump mapping with a light source with a
> spec-compliant X3D. Not without writing a non-trivial shader in 
> GLSL/Cg/HLSL. The standard X3D gives you only multi-texturing 
> DOTPRODUCT3 mode, which is barely a start for the (simplest) bump 
> mapping type. And, as the multi-texturing part of the X3D spec has a 
> lot of issues in my opinion (I reported them many times without any 
> effect so far), I suspect that even DOTPRODUCT3 will not work 
> uniformly on all browsers.
> There are view3dscene and InstantReality extensions to make bump 
> mapping easily working, but these are not standard.
> See 
> http://web3d.org/pipermail/x3d-public_web3d.org/2013-February/002287.html 
> and
> http://web3d.org/pipermail/x3d-public_web3d.org/2013-February/002292.html 
> .
> Michalis
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