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Speaking about “rotation modes”, do you mean the SFRotation data format describing how an object’s orientation differs from its original orientation, or do you mean a user interface allowing the user to rotate objects in 3D using the mouse?

                                                      Sergey Bederov

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but there are some specific rotation modes in x3dom.js but not axis locking?

still got no respone? =(
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Martin Huwa wrote:
> but there are some specific rotation modes in x3dom.js but not axis locking?

(Remember to do "reply all" to reply also to the x3d-public mailing list. :)

X3DOM is something more specific than just X3D. It seems (reading
http://x3dom.org/docs/dev/nodes/index.html ) that indeed X3DOM doesn't
support CylinderSensor. Anyway, you can use Transform node to do
rotations, and I guess it's up to your scripts to keep the particular
rotation axis locked. "Transform.rotation" field is just 4 floating
point values: axis + angle, so just keep the axis constant and you're
good :)

If this doesn't help, I think we may need more information about what
you're trying to do.

I'm also not an expert on X3DOM, so I'll leave others to eventually
clarify CylinderSensor support X3DDOM.

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