[X3D-Public] multi-user VR

Alan Grimes ALONZOTG at verizon.net
Wed Sep 11 17:57:46 PDT 2013

Christoph Valentin wrote:
> Hello Alan
> I would say, first question is: do you need a standardized multiuser solution per se or do you need the X3D standard just as data format and for the 3D realtime system in a single scene instance (interactivity with a single user)?

I want to adhere to the standard as much as possible because standards 
make life possible and because I want to achieve a good baseline.

> If you need standardized multiuser per se, then I would think about DIS component or about Network Sensor. Find more information at
> http://www.web3d.org/pipermail/x3d-public_web3d.org/2011-February/001423.html

Okay, that's the type of information I'm needing.

> If you do not need standardized multiuser, then I guess there are a lot of people at this mailing list, who will be pleased to introduce their products to you.

I want to push the technology forward as hard as possible once I get 
this running so therefore I want to do my best to keep things open 
source and unencumbered.

This project is for an [dis]organization called Zero State:


> All the best
> Christoph
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>> Betreff: [X3D-Public] multi-user VR
>> Hello, I came across X3D in a search for a potential platform for a
>> multi-user VR system.
>> Right now I'm trying to figure out whether it is really feasible to
>> stream updates to the client and to use something like Ajax for the
>> client to talk back at the server.
>> Issues include integration with the physics engine and content management.
>> The bulk of the environment/utilities/ui components can probably be done
>> with fairly conventional java servlets.
>> Some issues I have is that the language used to describe X3D features is
>> sometimes misleading, an initial reading might make one think it has
>> some exciting feature but a more careful examination is that the actual
>> feature is much more mundane. =\
>> Another issue is that the documentation is difficult to navigate. It
>> should be provided as a PDF-book or, at least, with a full compliment of
>> navigation buttons. Instead I'm forced to read it by selecting an
>> article, then pressing back where I have to figure out what the next
>> article is from the contents.
>> But mainly, what I'm trying to solve is to verify that it is possible to
>> close the interaction loop with the server. It's the most critical
>> technological problem at this point. I need to find the
>> manuals/documents that will help me do this.


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