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If this is a new thread, I did not see original/previous message(s).
Replying to Christoph here:

My opinion is that security capabilities can be extremely important to all
countries/companies. How else can intellectual property be protected if
anyone wishes to do so? Not every business model can abide to open source.
There is also an inherent need for security and fraud protection for many
types of applications. Without the ability to fulfill  either one of these
needs, X3D would simply not be an option in many scenarios. I view world
encryption as essential but only a part of the solution, SSL
support/compatibilty has to come into play for real protection. Lauren, 

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>> Feedback welcome. How important is this to authors and applications?

This is just my private opinion: I think it is very important to authors and

Reason: Rich, developed countries/companies can afford to cope with open
source data models, because they can make "big money" with the surrounding
services (writing books, consultants, .....), but poor, developing
countries/companies need to make "little money" with the help of protected

Just my private opinion, as I said. I can be wrong.

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