[X3D-Public] X3D Security capabilities and needs

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Dec 16 02:48:01 PST 2014

Discussion on the Web3D Board of Directors teleconference today noted these important points.  Thanks.

I expect that we will soon begin collecting a number of security issues as part of our X3D v3.4 evolution, and adding this as a weekly topic on our working group teleconferences.

Insights examples contributions and participation are always welcome.

On 12/13/2014 7:24 PM, GLG wrote:
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> Replying to Christoph here:
> My opinion is that security capabilities can be extremely important to all
> countries/companies. How else can intellectual property be protected if
> anyone wishes to do so? Not every business model can abide to open source.
> There is also an inherent need for security and fraud protection for many
> types of applications. Without the ability to fulfill  either one of these
> needs, X3D would simply not be an option in many scenarios. I view world
> encryption as essential but only a part of the solution, SSL
> support/compatibilty has to come into play for real protection. Lauren,
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>>> Feedback welcome. How important is this to authors and applications?
> This is just my private opinion: I think it is very important to authors and
> applications.
> Reason: Rich, developed countries/companies can afford to cope with open
> source data models, because they can make "big money" with the surrounding
> services (writing books, consultants, .....), but poor, developing
> countries/companies need to make "little money" with the help of protected
> models.
> Just my private opinion, as I said. I can be wrong.

all the best, Don
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