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Cris Lacumba,

There are a lot of ways to construct a polygonal representation of a 
shape. The way you choose depends on what you are going to do with the 
shape, how it needs to be textured, and the tools you have available for 
your development. For IndexedFaceSet all of the polygons must be convex 
(no "L" shaped ones). Most graphic systems will convert the IFS to 
triangles, so if you want detailed control, you might want to create 
your own triangles. This can be particularly important if any polygon is 
a saddle point. Which way do you triangulate - top-left to bottom-right 
or top-right to bottom-left.

    -1          +1
       |       |
       |       |
     +1        -1

You may also wish to look into the 2D shapes (see 

Vince and Doug have offered two solutions. If neither of these works for 
you, please tell us more how the footprint will be used and the tools 
you have available, other specific solutions can be offered.

Leonard Daly

> Hello to all,
> I'm trying to represent the 2D footprint of a building.However, some 
> of them have patios or holes inside the footprint. (see the attachment)
> How can I represent that using IndexedFaceSet?
> Thanks in advance
> Best regards
> Cris
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