[X3D-Public] Draggers in X3D?

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Do you mean something like this:
... the stuff you want to drag
If X3Dom defines Sensor nodes, you might be able to hack a non-standard Dragger node in javascript, by combining the Sensor and Transform nodes into a Dragger node. 
In general, there may be a hunger for higher-level nodes in X3Dom which are currently left up to Proto developers in desktop web3d.  Perhaps there could be a PROFILE for desktop web3d that's compatible with popular x3dom composite nodes.
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Thanks for the examples!
Actually, I meant something more simple, in an ideal case something that does not require any additional JavaScript code, except for catching some
 event, maybe. For example, I could imagine that you rotate some gizmo, which is represented as a special node, and that node throws an event (or has an output field) which contains the current transform, so you can connect (/ route) that transform to the object
 you want to rotate.

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Do you mean something like the Sensor nodes:







> I am wondering whether there are X3D Nodes, or proposals for such, that

>  allow the user to perform standard 3D transformations on objects in

>  the scene. Concretely speaking, what I have in mind are draggers like

>  they seem to exist in the inventor world:




> Within the last few months, we had several requests for such simple

>  interaction elements in X3DOM. Three.js has them in the simple editor:


> http://mrdoob.github.io/three.js/editor/


> Having something like that in X3DOM could be pretty useful, but I

>  really don’t want to re-invent the wheel ;- )


> Thanks a lot in advance.


> Best Regards,

> Max


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