[X3D-Public] Update failure on Win 7 Pro

Anthony Judge anthony.judge at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 02:58:50 PST 2014

Further to the exchange on a related thread regarding loss of
features, I ran the indicated update on the machine which had that
loss -- WITHOUT endeavouring to refresh that installation (since I
have had no indication as to how to remove retained traces, as

Updates were recognized, downloaded and installed when requested.

The process triggered an installation/update of the Netbeams platform
(previously not installed). This went through to the point indicated
by the attached screen shot

After exiting X3DEdit, as requested, rerunning the .bat opened the
application correctly. Checking the updates pull down, none were then
available. I could see the update in the program folder -- but
possibly at an incorrect as a result of the automatic install/update
(see second screen-shot)

The "cut down" edit options appear to be functioning correctly. It is
unclear what effect the update had or did not have

Anthony Judge
<anthony.judge at gmail.com>
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