[X3D-Public] Installattion of X3DEdit 3.3 on Win 7 Pro -- loss of features

Anthony Judge anthony.judge at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 07:27:54 PST 2014

With respect to the points made regarding "loss of features", I note
the following:

I had run the recent upgrade on the machine on the machine about which
I originally complained about possible file corruption during early
use. And loss of the Palette facility.

I provided information separately on problems during the upload.
However simple editing is no problem

In order to confirm an issue with the Worldinfo format within an
imported VRML file, I repeated the import into X3D. I note that the
Palette window immediately opens -- presumably because the filename,
as imported, acquires x3d as a suffix. I had not understood this. .

Since I have been editing and saving as standard WRL, I had variants
of the file without the .x3d suffix. The Palette is not opened when I
switch to editing those variants -- but is when I switch back. What
other features are "lost" for that reason remains unclear.

I note that using the pull down to access the web browser (after
deleting the problematic Worldinfo line) must be defaulting to the
Cortona viewer and gave the error message previously indicated
regarding absence of style information. The first lines are

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<X3D version='3.2' profile='Immersive'

The same file gave no error in H3DViewer


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