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Aaron Bergstrom flickertail at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 17:40:27 PDT 2015

Just announcing that I've posted the source code for BaconXJF on GitHub.

BaconXJF is my new X3D/JSON importer/exporter for Maya, and is written
completely in MEL script so I "believe" it is compatible with most versions
of Maya and Maya LT that support MEL on all OS... probably even going back
as far as Maya 5 on IRIX.

Because it's backwards compatible, it will most likely be compatible with
most future releases of Maya that support MEL on the day that each version
is released. No more waiting for new compiled versions.

I haven't tested it yet against Maya LT 2016 simply because I haven't
downloaded it yet. But it has been successfully tested for both Maya 2015
and Maya LT 2015.

The code is still very rough, is not commented, and not really useable by
anyone other than me at the moment. But I just wanted to get it out there
to prove that it's real.

Not exporting mesh data yet for X3D, but it is for the Vizor VR JSON
format. Otherwise it does does do basic Maya scene traversal... and has a
bit of support for ThreeJS as well... sort of...

Ahh... it's a work in progress, but a good start...

Current Functionality:
1) traverses DAG nodes
2) Exports to X3D XML
3) Exports JSON Formats
4) Parses JSON... not an easy task with MEL script, though not in a way yet
that is usable.

An example of it parsing JSON is available on YouTube:
Maya 2015 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBPJNFQmvYg
Maya LT 2015 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4t2e-qZ0-A

An example of it exporting to Vizor VR is at:

It's available under the MIT open source license at:

There is some talk of moving it to the X3D svn on SourceForge, as soon as
the details are worked out, I'll probably move the code to there.

It's not a release of any kind, so keep in mind that it's experimental.

Original Author of: RawKee X3D Exporter for Maya
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