[x3d-public] X3D WG Draft Agenda -- 2015 July 22

Leonard Daly Leonard.Daly at realism.com
Mon Jul 20 20:53:34 PDT 2015

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 22 July  2015 at 8:00 AM PDT (GMT-0700).

ALL members of the Web3D Consortium Community (Consortium members + 
public) are invited to attend. We use the standard Web3D Conference 
phone number. The information is available to Web3D members at 
http://www.web3d.org/member/teleconference-information. If you are not a 
member, please contact me for details.

This is the draft agenda. If you have any additional topics or details 
to add to existing topics, please email me.

Focus: X3D Futures for SIGGRAPH

Regular Members Known Missing: No one

1.    Introductions (All)

2.    Spec Status (Dick)
2.1.    Diagram showing spec document relationships:
2.1.1.     Chart with specification relationships
2.2.    Editor’s Meeting Report on 19777-1 (ECMAScript Language Binding)

3.    Schedule through the September
3.1.    Topics (tentative)
3.1.1.    29 July 2015 – SIGGRAPH Planning
3.1.2.    5 August 2015 – SIGGRAPH Planning
3.1.3.    11 August 2015, 3:30pm Room 504 (LACC)
3.1.4.    19 August 2015 – SIGGRAPH Review, SC-24 preparation
3.1.5.    26 August 2015 – TBD (SC-24 meeting)
3.1.6.    2 September 2015 – X3D Futures (V3.4, V4.x, or any topic 
related to future specifications)
3.1.7.    9 September 2015 – TBD
3.1.8.    16 September 2015 – TBD
3.1.9.    23 September 2015 – TBD
3.1.10.    30 September 2015 – TBD

4.    X3D Futures
4.1.    SIGGRAPH in 3- weeks
4.2.    Major announcement on X3D V4
4.3.    SRC (binary geometry) standard
4.4.    Other topics

5.    X3D V 4
5.1.    A number of significant compatibility issues between X3D and X3DOM

5.2.    Pages at URLs below highlight differences between X3D and X3DOM
5.2.1. http://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3dNodeInventoryComparison.xlsx
5.2.2. http://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3dNodeInventoryComparison.pdf
5.2.3.    http://realism.com/x3d-tools/Specifications/comparison.php

5.3.    Need to determine which nodes (or classes or nodes) are to be 
present in X3D V4
5.3.1.    Requirements    X3D as a whole must support everything in X3D V3.3, except 
for nodes or components that are deprecated    End result must be implementable and have two implementations    May add features and./or profiles that are needed, 
documented, and implemented
5.3.2.    A new ‘HTML’ profile may overlap with existing profiles and 
include nodes and./or fields not in any existing profile.
5.3.3.    My causes for concern (not necessarily complete)    Script node name conflict    DOM Namespaces (includes need for IMPORT/EXPORT)    DOM/X3D interaction not using the SAI    PROTO and EXTERNPROTO    Miscellaneous fields (e.g., url, render)    Miscellaneous STATEMENTS (e.g., UNITS)    Geometry (Mesh, Extrusion, ElevationGrid, SRC)    Appearance (Shaders)    Spec-compliant implementations
5.3.4.    How to go about creating an HTML profile that can be 
documented and implemented by December?

5.4.    Source Resource Container (SRC)
5.4.1.    A structure for holding geometry that can be directly imported 
onto a graphics card
5.4.2.    Start on document at 
5.4.3.    Fraunhofer paper and documentation at http://x3dom.org/src
5.4.4.    Is this done as 1 or 2 documents? IOW, are multiple encodings 

5.5.    Other topics (from 4.4)

*Leonard Daly*
3D Systems & Cloud Consultant
X3D Co-Chair
President, Daly Realism - /Creating the Future/
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