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> position Position of the sensor at timeStamp as a 3D vector. 
> Position is given in meters from an origin point, which is either 
> the position the sensor was first read at or the position of the 
> sensor at the point that resetSensor was last called. The coordinate 
> system uses these axis definitions:

  a.. Positive X is to the users right.
  b.. Positive Y is up.
  c.. Positive Z is behind the user.
The 19974 and X3D standards have the Humanoid default pose as:

  a.. Positive X is humanoid left. x=0 between feet appox vertical 
  b.. Positive Y is humanoid up. y=0 at floor, between feet,
  c.. Positive Z is in front of humanoid. z=0 between feet, facing +Z.
So, is their default inputs have the sensor facing -Z, which is the 
default direction for X3D Viewpoint.
Interestingly, to orient a Viewpoint held by the Humanoid eye Joint to 
simulate what the humanoid eye would see, you need to reorient the 
viewpoint to make it gaze +z.

Confusing? Shouldn't that spec assume that the sensor is default aimed 
the same direction as the user would see it, rather than the way, for 
example, a default viewpoint would see it?

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> Mozilla and Google have started on a WebVR specification at
> http://mozvr.github.io/webvr-spec/webvr.html
> I think it is mostly from a h/w perspective. The abstract states: 
> "This
> specification describes support for accessing virtual reality 
> devices,
> including sensors and head-mounted displays on the Web."
> Is this something that needs to be integrated into X3DOM or X3D?
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