[x3d-public] I took the plunge.

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 9 15:17:55 PDT 2015

First, have the strongest, fastest computer you can get with all the 
audio, video, graphics acceleration you can get. This was true since 
the beginning and still is, although you can create content that will 
play fine most anywhere,

find a most simple text editor that will defeat word wrap and read and 
edit some user code.
for instance which shows some to the great animation and humanoid 
modeling features of X3D (in VRML Classic encoding)

Please look at the web3d.org Community Wiki:

Since your jaw-dropping web page will include multiple media,

Next, choose some tools, Open or Commercial player and authoring 
Start Free:

Use the free player or try my pick as the current overall best, try 
the BSContact from BItmanagement.

And, of course the latest and greatest:

Please don't overlook WebGL:

When you can look at examples like this




in your browser then


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> I took the plunge and bought a domain for myself... (nothing there
> yet).
> To be successful, I need to make the user's jaw hit the floor. The
> obvious way to do that is 3D....
> The host I rented has a PHP/MySQL stack.
> Are there any good tutorial-oriented pages about X3D and SAI?
> To save bandwidth, it seems to make sense to try to generate detail
> meshes/textures on the client from fractal tables or something. Is
> there
> anything resembling that in the standard?   (goal = keep it under
> 1MB)
> The latest version of that cathedral demo on the main site seems to
> have
> most of the features I want, is there any source available for that?
> /me will be taking a crash-course in javascript =\
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