[x3d-public] X3D and Occuli

cbullard at hiwaay.net cbullard at hiwaay.net
Fri Oct 9 18:50:00 PDT 2015


What is the status for playing X3D/VRML97 content on Occulus class  
devices?  I read at the Bit Management site that it was supported on  
their Contact Stereo client.  Other than it is supported, I've no  

1.  Others?
2.  Problems?
3.  Costs?
4.  Hosting?

There is a considerable stash of works and labor in our catalogs as  
well as concepts we worked on that X3D can easily support if the money  
to develop the content is there.

Somewhere in the meme plagues, I saw something that said "No Bad VR",   
Have the brave new devs locked out X3D content?  ;)


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