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I didn't get the original post for some reason, but I'm glad this was
reposted, as I am also very interested in how these technologies with work
together. It is expected that there is going to be a huge push for Occulus
on Facebook during the next 5 years, and we all know what that means. I can
say (for good reasons) that X3D could have been the chosen format (and I
think it came close), but it would appear that a last minute decision was
made in favor of Occulus hardware.  Nevertheless, any relevant links or
information on how that will work with X3D would be welcome.. Thank you,


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I've been looking at that myself - oculus rift, htc- and it seems a bit
fiddly to configure the code -you render to fbo buffers instead of screen
backbuffer, then hand those buffers to the hmd api for a second stage of
rendering. And the hmd acts as a 6dof input device. Popup menus should
freeze in 3d space and - unlike a mouse -  the center of the viewport is
cursor/pickray.  But nothing theoretically impossible and all the x3d
content would stay the same. 

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> Hello
> What is the status for playing X3D/VRML97 content on Occulus class 
> devices? I read at the Bit Management site that it was supported on 
> their Contact Stereo client. Other than it is supported, I've no 
> details.
> 1. Others?
> 2. Problems?
> 3. Costs?
> 4. Hosting?
> There is a considerable stash of works and labor in our catalogs as 
> well as concepts we worked on that X3D can easily support if the money 
> to develop the content is there.
> Somewhere in the meme plagues, I saw something that said "No Bad VR", 
> Have the brave new devs locked out X3D content? ;)
> len
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