[x3d-public] System overload issues?

Anthony Judge anthony.judge at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 09:19:46 PDT 2015

Many thanks for the guidance Don. Thanks for the images. I am glad
that all works and I can now add other features to that project.
However I am still tantalized by the use of multiple timers as Leonard
suggested. My own solution is somewhat primitive although easy to
understand and experiment with user options

My issue with xj3d is not like/dislike. It is the fact with my new
600k project the editing periodically freezes for an unpredictable
time whilst processing minor edits -- constraints of my 4 gig RAM etc.
The fact that it may be trying to update xj3d is unnecessary for what
I am doing, especially if it is only after a series of edits that I
may wish to review where I am. So disabling it is one may of cutting
the background processing -- I am assuming.

I may be pushing the reasonable boundaries by using  a laptop

If I cannot, then I will indeed try the navigator panel. Thanks for the tip

Failing that my other option is to reduce the coordinate precision
which results from an imported third party file. So far I have not
thought of a simple way of reducing the number of digits after the
point. In what I am doing, switching to USE creates identification
issues for me in a complex data set.


On 01/09/2015, Don Brutzman <brutzman at nps.edu> wrote:
> Hi Tony, congratulations on your great progress!
> Attached please find images of your scene in X3D-Edit, which then launches
> multiple other viewers simultaneously for a total of 7 X3D players.  All of
> them are working well and animating your scene consistently.
> Regarding de-installation below, more information is needed.  I expect that
> the version of Xj3D you are finding is part of X3D-Edit, unless you
> installed Xj3D separately.  If separate, deletion is OK.  If not, that will
> probably break X3D-Edit.
> Based on version number, I think you are using the sourceforge version of
> Xj3D, which is embedded in X3D-Edit.  Project pages (mostly oriented to
> codebase developers) are
> 	https://sourceforge.net/projects/xj3d/
> 	https://savage.nps.edu/Savage/developers.html#Xj3D
> 	http://www.web3d.org/wiki/index.php/Xj3D_Evolution
> n.b. We currently have an autorefresh feature for Xj3D each time a scene is
> saved in X3D-Edit.  We've found that it speeds up authoring and seeing the
> effect of changes.  If you dislike that feature, you can hide it by instead
> selecting the Navigator pane (which shows the scene graph tree).  You may
> need use the X3D-Edit (Netbeans) Windows menu to display and reposition
> panes to do that.
> Hope this helps, good luck with your work.
> On 9/1/2015 1:17 AM, Anthony Judge wrote:
>> Further to my earlier comment on this matter, I am now focused on
>> deactivating the Xj3D window feature or uninstalling it.I much prefer
>> the web browser possibility for my needs or even the H3DViewer.
>> As I indicated I have not found a clear path to ensure that the Xj3D
>> viewer is not automatically activated -- despite severla uses of the
>> seemingly relevant tabs.
>> I note that the uninstall instructions are given on the page
>> http://www.xj3d.org/installer/ which has the comment:
>> To uninstall the code, it is a manual process. We do not provide an
>> uninstaller. Uninstalling requires you to go to the JRE lib/ext
>> directory [1] and manually delete about 20 files. Most of them start
>> with the xj3d- prefix, but you will probably also notice a bunch of
>> other strange ones in there too.
>> I went to that location and do not find a risk free set of files to
>> delete in the light of those instructions.
>> In searching my disk I find the following with the relevant prefix:
>> xj3d.cadfilter_2.1.0-nps.jar
>> xj3d-2.1-nps.jar
>> xj3d-2.1-3rdparty-nps.jar
>> xj3d.cadfilter_2.1.0-nps.jar
>> xj3d-2.1-3rdparty-nps.jar
>> xj3d-2.1-nps.jar
>> Any clarification?
>> Tony
> all the best, Don
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