[x3d-public] System overload issues?

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Tue Sep 1 12:49:45 PDT 2015

Given so many great strides in graphics hardware and software optimization, I don't recommend tuning your scene or software further for performance.

Laptop performance result this morning: 7 independent X3D players animated your scene without hesitation simultaneously, each running at full frame rates.

OBTW attached is an eighth player screenshot.  I used the X3DOM export button in the author workflow and immediately saw an X3DOM version version working.  8)

Of related interest: recently added capability to launch multiple external X3D authoring tools as well. So you could use X3D-Edit as a "control center" of sorts to validate and test while comparing other tools.


... So looking "closer to home" at your computer's configuration - such as memory, sufficient unused disk space, etc. - may be much simpler and productive for you.

If indeed you think there are interactions with X3D-Edit and Xj3D then will be happy to follow up.  If using the X3D-Edit standalone application, you might compare it with Netbeans running X3D-Edit as a plugin.  If performance differs, then likely you have isolated a bug for us to look at further.

Classic pitfall in debugging is optimizing the wrong thing, so beware:

a. Person drops and loses keys in parking lot.
b. Goes back to search that night, looks all around the lights.
c. "Why are you looking there?"
d. "Because that is where I can see best."

YMMV.  Have fun with X3D!

all the best, Don
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