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John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 21:03:55 PST 2016

I am not "modeling" I am doing declarative 3d as much as possible and
scripting the rest.  Thus I am creating protos for edges and nodes of a 3D
graph.  I currently use ROUTES to link the edges  (cylinders/extrusions) to
the nodes (spheres).   I am using position interpolators to animate the
nodes, and routes to update the spline of the edges.  I do not understand
how to use Cylinders as defined by X3D in this way so I use extrusions.  If
you can suggest a way to implement an animated 3D graph without extrusions
and with a tool such as X3D, Maya or Blender, I would be welcome to hear
it, but would leave the task to someone else.  I think you would suggest
modelling the cylinder as an indexedfaceset.  I do NOT want to be
responsible for writing a complex script to update all the indexedfaceset
points when all I should have to do is update the end points of the edges.
Writing a script to do animation like this is NOT in the spirit of
declarative 3D.  If you can write a script and package it as a proto, I
would be welcome to use it and I will look at Don's example when I get a
chance.  I need something much more simple though, and not with an
Extrusion of course.

I can provide source code if you like.  I have posted force.x3d here, or
you can look at force.json in https://github.com/coderextreme/X3DJSONLD/
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