[x3d-public] Virtual Reality Rock

Joe D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
Sun May 1 19:40:50 PDT 2016

Hey, that is great, Len. Web3d.org should host the X3D in an archive 
dedicated to holding the music-oriented video and the X3D used to 
produce the video. New category for the example archives - video of 
All Best,

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> Hello folks!
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdmO183fwHU
> A bit of virtual reality rock!  Most here from the early days know 
> this is what I wanted VR for:  interactive and immersive music 
> albums.
> Got a new one.
> With VR, the web can return value to music on the web because it 
> turns  an album into software and in software if ya ain't got the 
> latest, ya  ain't got the best.  But music is the focus and the 
> people building  this really do need the HTML of the Web that VRML 
> was designed to be.   Easy to lean but powerful with kick ass sound 
> handling, this works.  X3D/VRML work just fine.
> This is old school VRML97 rendered to video.  The world, however, is 
> a  free roamer into which my band is building their next album. 
> YouTube  video because that is a direct path and I don't have means 
> to host the  world on line.  I am informed some new thing called 
> Cobweb may be  helpful for the next phase to field is as VR.  I've 
> not kept up so  pointers or insights would be appreciated.  We 
> really need a YouTube  of VR.
> I used BS Contact, Avatar Builder, Flux 2.0 and Notepad++.   For 
> what  I need to do, these are plenty.  Thanks for the code and all 
> the help  through all the years!!
> Retired now from the MIC so I can finally just make stuff. :)
> len
> Walking to Cusco:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdmO183fwHU
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