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Thanks Joe.

I've done several all on my Youtube site. Using the X3D to wrap and  
illustrate songs is better in the X3D than in video.  So much can be  
done and I only scratched the surface in combining a free roamer with  
song sequences.

At the high end with WebGL and too the metal programming, it is claimed this
is new.  Like the claims made about storytelling and VR being new,  
that is nonsense but over the years I've gotten used to the way they  
market themselves
and they are welcome to make their claims to sell their wares.  I am more
interested in the power of the intermediate to high level power of  
X3D/VRML to fulfill its promise as an HTML for VR which I think it  
does.   For working
composers who cannot dedicate the time to becoming expert-level programmers,
and WHO MUST HAVE THE CLEAN IP that X3D provides, having to use a  
plugin simply is not that big a deal.

These are not MMOs.   They are a way to experience and illustrate the  
music.  That can be a collection or an album or a concept world among  
other things.
Too often people short the VR potential by building rooms with hanging movie
texture videos.  That is just one way to express it.  Combining it  
with avatars
that tell stories, discovery of rooms inside the worlds (for example,  
in the Cusco world anyone that manages to get into the pyramid gets a  
little show), all are possible.   We haven't gone far enough.

But most critically, we haven't taught musicians and composers how to  
do it. Not everyone is going to get multiple degrees in music, art,  
engineering, comp-sci and so on, just to make videos.   Nor should  
they have to.

But good VR Rock Albums can sell a new generation of HMDs in homes where some
family members don't play games.   There are so many  genre that can be hosted
and made available through the headsets.   We haven't gone far enough.


Quoting Joe D Williams <joedwil at earthlink.net>:

> Hey, that is great, Len. Web3d.org should host the X3D in an archive  
> dedicated to holding the music-oriented video and the X3D used to  
> produce the video. New category for the example archives - video of  
> X3D.
> All Best,
> Joe
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>> Hello folks!
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdmO183fwHU
>> A bit of virtual reality rock!  Most here from the early days know  
>> this is what I wanted VR for:  interactive and immersive music  
>> albums.
>> Got a new one.
>> With VR, the web can return value to music on the web because it  
>> turns  an album into software and in software if ya ain't got the  
>> latest, ya  ain't got the best.  But music is the focus and the  
>> people building  this really do need the HTML of the Web that VRML  
>> was designed to be.   Easy to lean but powerful with kick ass sound  
>> handling, this works.  X3D/VRML work just fine.
>> This is old school VRML97 rendered to video.  The world, however,  
>> is a  free roamer into which my band is building their next album.  
>> YouTube  video because that is a direct path and I don't have means  
>> to host the  world on line.  I am informed some new thing called  
>> Cobweb may be  helpful for the next phase to field is as VR.  I've  
>> not kept up so  pointers or insights would be appreciated.  We  
>> really need a YouTube  of VR.
>> I used BS Contact, Avatar Builder, Flux 2.0 and Notepad++.   For  
>> what  I need to do, these are plenty.  Thanks for the code and all  
>> the help  through all the years!!
>> Retired now from the MIC so I can finally just make stuff. :)
>> len
>> Walking to Cusco:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdmO183fwHU
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