[x3d-public] Proposal: expressions

Yves Piguet yves.piguet at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 11:48:47 PDT 2016

Hi Joe,

I'll rewrite my examples with X3D v3 to illustrate the difference.

The examples are complete, there is nothing more in the x3dv code. The third example (TorsionShaft), which comes from a larger scene (the simulation of an electromechanical system), benefits from implicit field names I proposed on August 30. It wasn't done on purpose, I shouldn't have mixed different changes in the same example.

I haven't looked at html integration. I must confess I haven't understood (yet?) the advantages over what's possible now with external files or inline code in html script elements.



On 12 sept. 2016, at 19:26, Joe D Williams wrote:

> Hi Yves,
> Can you compare these examples with how it would be done using the script node in the prototype instead of the 'simple' expression using inline maths? Also, can you show the rest of the user code that declares and instances the proto and shows any routes?
> I remember discussions of using an expression inline in a proto as you show to avoid a script, and also even expressions in the main user code to avoid some simple scripts and prototypes, and that this step has never been seriously considered. Maybe your examples with proto could help get some support from a second independent implementation. Have you looked at how this would could work in the x3d in html integration?
> Thanks and Best,
> Joe

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