[x3d-public] Fitness of X3D for 3D Printing?

patola at makerlinux.com.br patola at makerlinux.com.br
Sun Sep 18 07:09:25 PDT 2016


 Hello all, I am a new member, I was just subscribed to this list. I
am a 3D printing professional in Brazil (for low-cost, mostly
open-source 3D printers). I searched thoroughly through the list
archives but could not really find my answer. I am looking forward to
try and implement import and export plugins in Blender for a 3d-printing
friendly format. I looked into the standards for both AMF and 3MF, and
they do not seem really appropriate. 3MF is nice and full of stuff but
does not have any kind of curves, splines or NURBS. AMF has curved
triangles and also allows you to specify a formula for the curve, but
this seems kind of out of hand compared to "real" NURBS. And since some
artifacts - specially in the amount of material extruded - appear from
the interpolation of triangles to approximate three-dimensional curves,
actual NURBS support would be essential for precise 3D prints. 

 Then I
stumbled upon X3D, which is already implemented in Blender. The latest
status of the x3d support seems that from 2015:

However, it was not very clear to me if X3D, and its blender
import/export addon, would support something fit for material mixing.
FDM 3d printer extruders with the capability to additive mix of colors
are being sold right now, and support for mixing them is already being
implemented in firmware too (with "virtual extruders" for the mixing).
Both 3MF and AMF have proper support for this, AMF having even
coordinate-dependent mixtures support. I have read in the specs that
currently X3D only supports subtractive light, and also no gradient or
mixing for materials, is that right? 

 Does anyone else on this list
deals specifically with 3D printing? I am not aware of X3D support in
any slicer currently. I am curious as to the fitness of this file format
for this task. Am I asking too much? Or maybe it just does not fit its
intended purpose? 

 Best regards, 

 Cláudio (Patola) 
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