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Hi Don, Holger, list,

I worked more on exposing x3d events to the web page DOM, so that DOM event
listeners can pick up those events and take action.

Here is an updated example:


Some design changes were necessary. First, while I had used the Event()
constructor to generate the DOM event to be dispatched, it seems more
appropriate to use the CustomEvent() constructor which comes with a
recognized mechanism to provide an event related value.


As a consequence, the DOM event handler has to use a evt.detail property
object to access delivered values, eg.evt.detail.value (instead of

Second, the UI Event working draft suggests to use a prefix for new DOM
event type names


I used 'x3d' as prefix in the example.

Third, I think it is necessary that the generated event type uniquely
identifies the generating node and field name. Otherwise, event listeners
have to reconstruct the source and check if it is the kind of event they
expect to listen to.

In the example and bridge code I construct the event type as a
concatenation of 'x3d', source node type, source node x3d name (DEF) and
field name which leads to long, unwieldy event names. Perhaps x3d+DEF+field

Any feedback or ideas welcome,


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 7:33 PM, Don Brutzman <brutzman at nps.edu> wrote:

> Thanks for these thoughtful efforts.  In many ways, doing DOM well is the
> essence of how X3D might integrate deeply with HTML5 and the Open Web
> Platform (OWP).  Experimenting, testing, comparing, improving etc. is of
> course expected.  Event exchange between systems is where the "rubber hits
> the road" and also where implementation innovation will continue in future
> browsers.
> When we align specifications for content stability, it becomes hard to go
> too far wrong...  we are designing for the long term.
> *Having 2 open-source implementations in X3DOM and Cobweb is really
> powerful.*  Lots of opportunity here!  Looking forward to further progress
> together, for everyone's benefit.
> v/r Don
> On 9/17/2016 11:01 AM, Andreas Plesch wrote:
>> Hi Holger,
>> I am open to integrating the DOM code with the official cobweb release.
>> For now it may make most sense to keep it in a separate file so it remains
>> optional. Let's discuss further details off-list.
>> If you have ideas or just thoughts how or if the standard should reflect
>> and specify such a X3D-web page DOM integration, please do not hesitate to
>> mention them here in on the list. Any input would be greatly appreciated by
>> all, I am sure.
>> -Andreas
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>>     Would like to include your fantastic work in the next official
>> release,
>>     with some documentation added.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Holger
>>     Am 16.09.2016 um 21:54 schrieb Andreas Plesch:
>>     > Holger was kind enough to amend cobweb in its latest release to
>> allow
>>     > convenient access to its x3d nodes from a custom property added to
>> DOM
>>     > nodes within the x3d scene. This means that the (experimental) dom
>>     > bridge code now works with the regular cobweb release.
>>     >
>>     > Since there is enough functionality, I put the code in a release
>> folder
>>     > to make it available from:
>>     >
>>     > https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andreasplesch/cobweb_dom/m
>> aster/release/cobweb_dom.0.1.js <https://raw.githubusercontent
>> .com/andreasplesch/cobweb_dom/master/release/cobweb_dom.0.1.js>
>>     > or
>>     > https://rawgit.com/andreasplesch/cobweb_dom/master/release/
>> cobweb_dom.0.1.js <https://rawgit.com/andreasple
>> sch/cobweb_dom/master/release/cobweb_dom.0.1.js>
>>     >
>>     > Just load it after loading cobweb.[min].js.
>>     > There is a chance the code could work with D3 as a DOM manipulation
>>     > library but I did not test this.
>>     >
>>     > Holger also implemented the .dispose() SAI function and other
>>     > functionality which should make the bridge code much cleaner.
>>     >
>>     > Also, it turns out that my performance issues were not due to the
>> event
>>     > handling but just a very busy PC with its 32GB memory completely
>> filled
>>     > up. But I do suspect that cobweb is more memory demanding and prone
>> to
>>     > more frequent GC stuttering than x3dom is.
>>     >
>>     > -Andreas
>>     >
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