[x3d-public] Opened my mouth and got a volunteer job. Oops

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➢ How does one design a body without having a medical degree?  Or get data?  Should I start by asking the doctor for a download of my data? 

The prime designer did not need an official medical degree. I think you want to start with a skeleton, so look at the example in Annex A of hanim Part 1. Adjust the dimensions to your pref and you have a start. Try looking in the x3d humanoid and medical example archives for some parts, like a skeleton and skin. And malybe go from there.


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Very interesting John,
I've come across high resolution human internal organ models in the past, but they were never free and I didn't want to buy.
There's a makehuman freeware program that starts with a generic skin, and with slidebars you ad geneder height, etc
- see humanoids in blender ray traces near the bottom of this page
If you could combine the two ideas, perhaps there could be slidebars to add specific diseases.
The x3d v3.3 Component 41 Volume Rendering has a bit of an x-ray look to it. If your internal organ model is all conventional 3D geometry, one idea is to do a 'computational MRI' on the geometry to get the 3D volume pixels for rendering with component 41.
Another permutation: use a conventional skin with volume rendering just for energy (no visible organs).

PS I'm getting more into energy myself lately - for sunshine aka 'passive and semi-passive solar' and building envelope heat flows.
-- I need ray tracing or ?? to get shadows

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Please let me know of appropriate resources for this.   I got a volunteer job showing how energy flows through the body.  So I was thinking of the National Ignition Facility’s eye on the beam video where they follow several beams of light through the laser.  This seems totally appropriate,especially coherent energy.  One could show the spinal cord with several rivers of energy going into and out of the organs, breath/oxygen going in and out of the lungs and circulating in the blood stream.  Sound leaving and entering the ear and throat. I don’t know if any effort of documenting the energy of the body in western medicine but here we are.   Yes, I spent 25+ years in energy R&D

If there was a simulation where I could turn on and off various energies to save CPU, or limit the camera make different skin, muscle and bones transparent etc.  that would most useful.   Just a way to show different flows through the system, air, electrical, blood, nutrition and lymph, would be sufficient at this point.

Am I asking for HAnim 10.0?   I didn’t imagine myself as a medical visualization developer, but here I am on the path to a new career.

How does one design a body without having a medical degree?  Or get data?  Should I start by asking the doctor for a download of my data?
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