[x3d-public] ImageTexture width/height_changed

Holger Seelig holger.seelig at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 2 08:11:16 PST 2018

An ImageTexture loads the texture from file and it is currently not 
clear for X3D authors if they load the image from unkown origin, for 
instance from the Internet, or if the url changes dynamically, what 
width/height the texture has.

I suggest to add two new field:

ImageTexture {
   SFInt32 [] width_changed
   SFInt32 [] height_changed

This follows the same layout as the AudioClip node has with its 
duration_changed field.

For completeness also MovieTexture and ImageTexture3D should have these 

MovieTexture {
   SFInt32 [] width_changed
   SFInt32 [] height_changed

ImageTexture3D {
   SFInt32 [] width_changed
   SFInt32 [] height_changed
   SFInt32 [] depth_changed

Maybe also ImageCubeMapTexture should have such field, which needs to be 

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