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Leonard Daly Leonard.Daly at realism.com
Tue Dec 11 07:37:40 PST 2018

>       * glTF associates a joint or
>     multiple joints to each vertex of a mesh
>     yes, gltf apparently associates ‘all’ or always at least 16(?)
>     joints (and weights) with each vertex. That means there is feature
>     called a vertex that has a list of joints and weights associated
>     with it. There is one of these for each vertex, all listing all
>     joints and weights.
> Yes. For glTF, the minimum a compliant viewer needs to support is 4 
> joints (out of many) per vertex. A viewer is free to ignore additional 
> joints, with the lowest weights.

Standard practice in the animation industry is to use a maximum of four 
joints per skin vertex. There is no standard that limits this. Practical 
experience from rigging (attaching vertices to joints (aka bones)) and 
performance indicates that (for the most part) four is the most that is 
needed. In many cases it is only two.

So for practical purposes, the limit in glTF does not impact what can be 

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