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Albert Jan Wonnink awonnink at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 17 01:14:35 PST 2018

Thank you all for your answers. I appreciate that.

To avoid too much emphasis on the example given: the broader question is about having the 3D web specification prepared to support business-type processes for AR/VR devices.

It seems to me the most natural view is to see 2D webpages as special cases of the 3D web,  where all elements are flattened to one plane. So in 3D space one should be able to position and use both the active elements like textareas, checkboxes etc, and more or less passive elements like div's anywhere within the scene (Leonard, your first case scenario). This of course includes combinations of these elements on flat plains up to full 2D pages viewable in 3D.

Currently the resolutions for devices like HoloLens and I think also Magic Leap (didn't try ML yet) are good enough for viewing 2D web pages floating in 3D. This would allow companies to easily extend their websites for 3D access by using X3D, and/or an equivalent declarative syntax, in combination with their existing 2D content.

Albert Jan Wonnink

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